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is it possible to hit a car and not know you did?

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Wed 3rd Dec 2008 02:06
o.k im kinda freakin out cause i came out of my work place today and my front fender was broke. it was bent inward toward the door on the drivers side(left side). and at first i though someone hit me but the more i think about it the more i think that they couldn't have. but i would think i would have noticed if i had hit someone.

have you guys ever had anything like this happen?

and do you think its possible to hit a car and cause damage and not know you did it.
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 02:13
Did you recently hit a dip in the road? I did that this summer and the front bumper got pushed in a bit. Didn't notice for a week that I had damaged the front
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 02:16
no. theres like a hole in the fender. at first i thought there was a peice missing but then i relized the piece had been pushed back inside the fender.
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 02:17
Its also possible someone hit + ran your car when it was parked. Its amazing how we don't notice things sometimes for a few days.

I think you'd know if it wss u that hit another car or post
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 02:19
yea i guess its possible. the hole situation is weird though. casue of were the hole is and the angle everybody was parked in. im probably just freakin out like usually.

i just thought i would see if something like it had happened to anybody else.
hans55 PRO
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 10:20
well a large truck can do that ...but this sounds to me like a hit and run !!
Wed 3rd Dec 2008 17:13
thanks hans55!!
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