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Light and Dark Competition

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admin PRO
Fri 3rd Oct 2008 12:36
This is a thread to accompany a photo competition that starts today.

Contestants enter in pairs with one team member taking a 'Light' photo and the other taking a 'Dark' photo. To enter you'll need to tag both photos with COMPLIGHTDARK and add a post to this forum thread including your team's light and dark photo. One team per fotothinger please.

To include photos in forum posts use the GET LINKS option on each photo page, more info available here :

Fri 3rd Oct 2008 19:53
Lisa Can I Join With You.
Fri 3rd Oct 2008 20:33
Sorry Lisa's with me.....
CraftyButterfly & LisaSam67
Fri 3rd Oct 2008 20:33
sorry my daughter just nabbed me up
Sat 4th Oct 2008 14:00
Nick, in the other comps you can submit many pictures. For this one though is it the same or just one entry each?
Sat 4th Oct 2008 16:18
Competition Rules & Regulations
Please read the competition rules below very carefully. On entering a Fotothing competition it will be assumed that you have both read and agreed to the rules below.

1.Fotothing members may enter as many photographs per competition as they wish.

Same rules as far as I can tell...this comp is listed with the other comps, not just here.
Sun 5th Oct 2008 15:53
This competition is awesome, great idea Eggy :)
admin PRO
Mon 6th Oct 2008 09:53
Crafty and Lisa,

I hadn't thought about multiple entries per team, If you've got the photos your team can enter multiple times, just keep the photos in pairs.

When I judge this comp I'm looking at the pair of photos. I'm looking for photos that complement or contrast or provoke or a pair of photos that make me drop my jaw and mouth 'Wow!' at the screen.

Thanks Znacke for your kind comments, expect more group competitions and activities in the future. If you have any ideas for competitions let me know.
Mon 6th Oct 2008 15:46
ok thanks for the info
i can see why posting our thumbnails together in here is going to be important
this is going to be tricky for you
Good luck Nick ;-)
Wed 8th Oct 2008 17:00
OK, I am looking for a partner/team member. I can do either one; light or dark. . .so if someone wants to be my partner, please mail me.

Wed 8th Oct 2008 17:39
I will
Wed 15th Oct 2008 20:09
Hope this is right! Team shroom and jonAt

Wed 15th Oct 2008 20:11

Hmm, didn't show both- here is shrooms-lighter side
abojovna PRO
Wed 29th Oct 2008 09:54
abojovna PRO
Wed 29th Oct 2008 10:19
I am sorry, I changed my photo for COMPLIGHTDARK to this my origne photo /without Picassa filtre/
Wed 29th Oct 2008 20:30
Our entry, Team LisaSam67 & CraftyButterfly

Originally posted by LisaSam67:
Fun playing in the sand in the dayLIGHT
Fun playing in the sand in the DARK of night
Wed 29th Oct 2008 20:50
thx hun :-))))))
good luck to us

Fun playing in the sand in the dayLIGHT
Fun playing in the sand in the DARK of night

Thu 30th Oct 2008 20:58
Team jonAt and shroom

jonAts Lincoln Cathedral by day, shrooms shot by night.
Thu 30th Oct 2008 21:13
Cool entry Team jonAt and shroom, Good luck!
Thu 30th Oct 2008 21:43
Originally posted by craftybutterfly:
Cool entry Team jonAt and shroom, Good luck!

oi! that's totally cool..... take em out! LOL
just KIDding
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