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♥♥♥ Which Photos BEST this day

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Mon 2nd Oct 2006 16:46
Gotta say Bahrain's photos are always amazing and i only recently discovered them!
Levistrauss PRO
Mon 16th Oct 2006 23:09
MyPhotos BEST this day:

Levistrauss PRO
Wed 18th Oct 2006 22:37
My Photo The Best This Day:


Beautful image.... Magnifica!


Thu 19th Oct 2006 19:17
Visit my site please www.tommercer.co.nr and leave me your comments
Captivelight PRO
Thu 19th Oct 2006 19:40
The sad thing is Levi... type in "tomato water" into google images and see how often this one appears all over the internet...

Thu 19th Oct 2006 21:00
Originally posted by Captivelight:
The sad thing is Levi... type in "tomato water" into google images


The shot is claimed by Fabian Grunwald from Germany with copyright.
so i'm confuse if it's belong to Delikan22 or Fabian Grunwald.

it's a really beautiful shot. I would love to try to shoot the same style but with different fruits.
Captivelight PRO
Thu 19th Oct 2006 21:09
The fact that it is so widespread across the internet should be a clue... Have a look at the rest of Fabian Grunwalds images...
PhotoPro PRO
Fri 20th Oct 2006 01:58
In looking at the quality of the rest of his collection and the lack of tech info for most of them leads me to believe most are pirated and posted illegally.
Sun 22nd Oct 2006 12:40
my fav photo of the day is http://www.fotothing.com/glassica/photo/f8e69869d85b55d61d6d659d6af68643/ stunning picture
Fri 27th Oct 2006 18:34
Sun 29th Oct 2006 19:41
Fredah there does seem to be a lot of plagirised photos on the site.....the best thing in my opinion to do is ignor them do not post comments and then report the situation to FT then you have done your part.... or notify both picture owners that the pictures on the other site so they can battle it out..
Sun 29th Oct 2006 19:45
best photo of the day is .....http://www.fotothing.com/backstreets/ his new pic is the best that he has done yet in my opinion fabulous xxx
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